The Story

Meet Sanjay Pothen, Partner at TechCXO. TechCXO is the pioneer in providing startup and growth stage companies with fractional or interim C-level services. Sanjay appreciates his colleagues and wanted to express his gratitude with thoughtful holiday gifts for each of his peers.

Creating Connection

It’s Sanjay’s first year at the company, and he has a group of colleagues who are all working remotely across the U.S. He wanted to properly thank his colleagues for their guidance and support this year, but wasn’t sure what to give and how to get started.

To accomplish this, he came to Lumi with just a budget in mind, and we automatically curated a collection of gifts that were within his budget and based on his colleagues interests & preferences. Lumi sent the collection to each of the recipients, and everyone picked their own unique gift.

Delivering Happiness

Buyer Experience

Sanjay was excited to build stronger relationships with his colleagues through meaningful gifts, but he is a busy executive-level team member of a tech start-up. He was relieved at the time and energy he was able to save in what is often a daunting process of research and guessing around what gift recipients might like.

I’m not very good at gift giving (i.e., never know what to get). Partnering with Lumi took a big load off me in terms of figuring out what gifts to give people as well as the logistics of purchasing and shipping.


Recipient Experience

Each of the the recipients loved the ability to select their own gift and they each picked sometime unique to them! One of the recipients had this to say about the gifting process: 

This is such a thoughtful and kind gift! Thank you for thinking of me. The organization you teamed up with is such a wonderful platform too.


Sanjay’s gifts allowed him to connect in a more meaningful way with his teammates while also contributing to important missions and brands making a big difference in the world. His purchase and the recipient’s gift choices did the following:

  • 67% of the money went to women-owned small businesses
  • 56% went to a business that works with Syrian artisans who are rebuilding their lives
  • 44% toward environmentally-conscious businesses – specifically those whose factory is solar-powered, uses recyclable material like aluminum & glass, and directly grow and source ingredients from their own regenerative farms.


Start gifting better today.

No matter how many gifts you need for any occasion, Lumi is here to help you create moments of connection and joy amongst team members and clients. Our curated collections and support make thoughtful gifting easy while positively impacting the world through mission-driven brands.