March is Women’s History Month, and Lumi is excited for the opportunity to shine the spotlight on six amazing female founders that you can use your voice (and your wallet) to show support for!

There are so many ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, but when you give women-owned companies your business, you invest in female entrepreneurs and help fight gender inequality. Lumi is proud to provide a platform where so many female entrepreneurs can forge their own path in the business world. From sustainable yoga equipment to natural skincare, you’re choosing to positively impact the world every time you shop from women-owned businesses. 

It can sometimes be hard to find trusted sources to buy from. So how do you know you’re buying from an authentically woman-owned business? Lumi is the go-to marketplace that does all of your research, so you can rest easy knowing you’re buying from an authentic and certified woman-owned business. 

And at Lumi, we’re honored to celebrate our female founders and all the hard work they dedicate to their businesses. So if you want to support a small woman-owned business and receive products that are meaningful and unique, take a look at our marvelous roundabout of female founders that offer a wide range of products that’ll knock you off your feet and keep you coming back for more!


Ksenia Voroparova founded ananday when she saw how much greenwashing was happening in the yoga market. Proactive and devoted to her brand, Voropaeva has made it her mission to make sustainable, non-toxic yoga equipment that makes customers happy! Aside from being woman-owned, ananday is also zero waste, carbon-neutral, and sustainable. 

Voropaeva believes in the power that a sustainable practice and yoga-centric compassion have in transforming ourselves and our planet. So if you’re looking to start a new yoga class or just want to improve your downward dog, ananday is a woman-owned brand that you’ll be happy to give your business to!

Soulistic Root

Soulistic Root’s high-quality and environmentally friendly products are all thanks to the hard work of its female founder, Halee Everett! Born from her passion for essential oils and therapeutic herbs, Soulistic Root provides natural skincare and body care products that are non-toxic and cruelty-free. From relaxing pillow mists to razor burn relief, Soulistic Root has products for everyone’s daily skincare and wellness needs. 

Based in Colorado, Everett devotes her time and energy to creating natural products that don’t break the bank and deliver peaceful happiness to all of her customers. 

Camilla Limón

Individually handcrafted and made with exquisite details, Camilla Limón is a female entrepreneur with a penchant for creating timeless pieces. Since she was eight years old, Limón has been making jewelry and has always found joy in her talent for making her customers look and feel their best. With a creative mind and attention to detail, every Camilla Limón jewelry piece is made to be as unique as you. 

Latina-owned and made with love, Camilla Limón is a brand inspired by strong women and designed for strong women, making it a perfect woman-owned business to show support during Women’s History Month! 

Petite Petitions 

Camisha Ballard founded Petite Petitions in 2020 after she decided to manifest her dream into reality. Ballard has a passion for crafting meaningful creations that make a statement and create an impact. Petite Petitions believes in the power of manifestation and spirituality hold in the grand scheme of our lives. Her brand offers a wide range of manifestation tools that help her clients achieve their own bliss.

So if you’re looking for a BIPOC, woman-owned brand to support this Women’s History Month or any month for that matter, then Petite Petitions is a brand you’ll want to do business with. From spiritual journals to affirmation candles, Petite Petitions will help you connect and focus on your spiritual journey to find balance and mindfulness in your daily life.  

“I truly believe in the transformative power of thoughts and words and their ability to change your day-to-day attitude and life.” – says Camisha, Founder Of Petite Petitions.


Astrid Schanz-Garbassi and Miriam Cruz are the co-founders of Agni and are helping people everywhere rediscover what it means to heal your body. Both female founders established Agni after a long, frustrating process of finding resources on nutrition that would help aid their health struggles. With Agni, Schanz-Garbass, and Cruz, make it their primary mission to provide proper education on nutrition and healing foods as delicious as they are healthy!

This women-owned brand believes in the importance of health and healing the body with food that provides nourishment and growth. Regularly collaborating with medical advisors and a team of food specialists, Agni creates foods and beverages that replenish your body with its nutrients to perform its best every day. All the ingredients are organic, and Agni prioritizes using the most sustainable packaging for their orders, showing support for our health and our planet. 

So the next time you’re in the mood for a double chocolate chip cookie or some specialty tea, give this women-owned business your attention for a nourishing experience that you’ll want to indulge in! 

The Adorn Co. 

SaRa Cobb and Lilly Wilson co-founded The Adorn Co. after being inspired by their love of Jesus to help people worldwide. Cobb and Wilson have worked together to create an international network of potters and artisans that make ethically sourced home goods and accessories. By partnering with their global network, Cobb and Wilson help provide a liveable wage to artisans from under-served communities. The dynamic duo is passionately involved in sourcing their products and personally works with their artisans throughout the production process.

The Adorn Co. is in the business of supporting women too. This women-owned business offers support to women fleeing hostile environments and provides them with an opportunity to rebuild their lives. With handcrafted products and compassionate values, this business is ready to make you a part of its community.


And of course, we can’t forget ourselves! Lumi is the result of all the diligent and dedicated work our founder, Minette Yu, has accomplished to make shopping with an impact easier for everyone. So when you do business with Lumi and any of our women-owned brands, you’re hitting two birds with one stone when supporting female founders and entrepreneurs.  

And Many More!

Our featured female founders are just the tip of the iceberg too. Lumi is home to many more women-owned businesses that offer unique and worthwhile products that’ll blow you away. 

Created by a mother-daughter duo, Sade Baron is a 100% women-owned and operated business that crafts high-quality vegan body products that’ll leave your skin nourished and healthy. 

Are you looking for a new pair of shoes? Then, put your best foot forward with Dooeys, a comfortably luxurious slipshoe made from recycled materials good for your feet and the planet. 

A California environmentally and socially sustainable fashion brand, BrunnaCo, was founded by Helga Ida Ayu. She has dedicated her time to creating sustainable and ethical fashion pieces that female artisans handcraft in her home country of Indonesia. 

With colorful designs and cute lettering, The Mad Padder delivers American-made paper goods that are the perfect gift for anyone that works in the office.

If you’re frustrated with the lack of underwear options, then Uwila Warrior is the perfect fit! Fashionable and functional, Lisa Mullan designs her underwear creations to hug every one of your curves so you can feel confident and amazing in them.

Kahindo creates African-inspired fashion that’s made ethically & sustainably for women by women. Kahindo Mateene’s designs consist of colorful and vibrant pieces that will make you look fresh off the runway. 

Founder Shannon Smyth built A Girl’s Gotta Spa! from the ground up when she discovered her passion for helping women feel empowered through self-care. Smyth’s cruelty-free and vegan beauty products are safe for the environment and perfect for all skin types.

Sustainably and ethically designed for the modern woman, Lisa Hsieh started Mien Studios when she saw the lack of quality maternity clothing and decided to do something about it. Her brand offers stylish and comfortable clothing pieces designed for an elevated every day and made in the USA. 

Rhea Cherie is a black woman-owned brand that makes luxury loungewear from sustainable bamboo fabric. Made with the hope to empower women and encourage self-care, Rhea Cherie is guaranteed to make you look and feel your best. 

Libby Haan founded the Who Shirt Company. She realized how beneficial it would be to women everywhere if fashionable tops came with a built-in bra that offered reliable support and wouldn’t need constant adjusting. Haan’s clothing brand features fashion pieces made of Supima cotton and sourced from America. And with every shirt purchased, the Who Shirt Company donates $5 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Blume was founded by two sisters that made it their mission to destigmatize periods and challenge beauty standards. Taran and Bunny Ghatrora’s body and period care products are made from natural and clean ingredients good for the body and the environment. The Ghatroras also use their brand to have necessary conversations around acne, puberty, periods, and sex education. In addition, by partnering their brand with organizations, they provide young girls with proper education and safety resources that help them understand their growing bodies. 

Show Your Support!

Every purchase you make is a choice, so shopping at women-owned businesses is a great way to make a difference and benefit your community. Whether it’s for Women’s History Month or any month of the year, we’re in the business of supporting our female founders, and now you can too. So if you’re looking for Women’s History Month ideas to incorporate into your workplace, don’t worry because Lumi has you covered! Pledge your support for women-owned businesses by amplifying their presence in your office through your next corporate gift event and take the first step toward a more equitable and inclusive future.