The Story

Meet Jessica Lynch, Founder and CEO of Wishroute. Wishroute provides health and wellness companies with the support of one-on-one coaching for their clients. Jessica loves her team and is passionate about making sure they feel valued. She was searching for fun and interesting ways to express her gratitude for them over the 2021 Holiday Season.

Creating Connection

Jessica knew that if she picked just one gift to give the entire team, it wouldn’t feel personal; each of her team members has their own unique taste. Based on her budget and team’s preferences, the Lumi team created a curated collection of gifts, within her budget, then allowed each person select their own gift from the collection.

Delivering Happiness

Buyer Experience

Not only does Lumi deliver happiness to gift givers and recipients alike, we also deliver Impact Reports to share the influence all purchases have made on the diverse array of partners Lumi carries.

The impact report was extraordinary; I sent it to my team and shared how we voted with our dollars. It’s very practical! 


Recipient Experience

One of Jessica’s employees, Karyn, was blown away by the spectacular recipient experience. She chose the Copper Cutting Board from Adorn Co. and loved the process:

While I’ve never selected my own gift before, I thought that it was a fun process to go through! You selected a wide range of curated gifts, and I would have been happy with many of them!


Jessica didn’t just deliver happiness to her team or create deeper connections with each of them, she made a positive impact on the world too! One of her favorite parts of the gifting process was understanding the impact she had. Here’s how her decision to gift with Lumi helped make the world a better place:

  • 74.2% of the money went to women-owned small businesses
  • 36.4% went to a business that works with Syrian artisans who are rebuilding their lives
  • 26.7% went to a black-owned business
  • 36.9% toward an environmentally-conscious business – specifically one whose factory is solar-powered and uses recyclable material
  • 26.7% went to a business that directly works with moringa farming families in Ghana


Start gifting better today.

No matter how many gifts you need for any occasion, Lumi is here to help you create moments of connection and joy amongst team members and clients. Our curated collections and support make thoughtful gifting easy while positively impacting the world through mission-driven brands.