Our Team

Many of us are familiar with the African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child.” The truth is, it “takes a village” to achieve just about any meaningful change in our world. At Lumi, we are made of passionate individuals laying down the foundation of the village.

Minette Yu

Founder & CEO

Minette is a first-generation immigrant, the daughter of a seamstress, and the first in her community to study at Harvard. Having launched retail tech products her whole career, Minette is passionate about contributing to the future of work while elevating under-represented founders and making it frictionless for companies to make a social impact.

Jordan Whinnem


Jordan is obsessed with providing companies with easy solutions to making empowered, mission-driven gifting choices that drive employee happiness, client retention, and are aligned with their DEI initiatives. She spends her weekends traveling with her family.

Steve Wolkind

Head of Engineering

Steve is passionate about engineering technical and non-technical solutions to any size problem. He’s excited to contribute his skills to the future of work with Lumi. You’ll find him playing chess or practicing photography when he’s not working.

Jackson Temu

Business Development Associate

Jackson is an experienced sales and support specialist who enjoys finding companies that he knows will benefit from Lumi’s mission-driven gifting platform. On the weekends, you’ll find him spending time with his family.

Our Standards

At Lumi, we believe that appreciated employees are happy employees and that intentional recognition can make the world a better place. So, we comb the net to find unique ways to recognize employees that are also sustainable, ethical, and mission-driven.

We use 4 Key Pillars to look for recognition solutions and community partners:


Solutions that are actively promoting diversity and equal opportunity.

✔︎ BIPOC owned or Women-owned gift brands
✔︎ Promoting gender equality & empowerment
✔︎ Giving access to education
✔︎ Reducing the wealth gap
✔︎ Fighting for social justice & Anti-racism


Solutions that bring people together.

✔︎ Supporting local artisans
✔︎ Activating small businesses
✔︎ Giving back to local economies
✔︎ Organizations directly contributing to communities
✔︎ Advocating for fair wage & proper working conditions

Health & Wellbeing

Solutions that push research and development for a healthy future.

✔︎ Gifts that use clean, natural, or organic ingredients-materials
✔︎ Supporting mental health initiatives
✔︎ Promoting self-care & positive image
✔︎ Encouraging movement and healthy lifestyle choices
✔︎ Ways to create and grow healthy relationships


Solutions that make a positive environmental impact.

✔︎ Pushing for clean water & sanitation initiatives
✔︎ Using clean energy & offsetting carbon emissions
✔︎ Gifts from recyclable material or recycled material
✔︎ Adopting zero waste or no newly-made / single-use plastic principles
✔︎ Fighting for climate action & keeping our ecosystem clean & regenerative

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