Becoming a Brand Partner

Hi! We’re Lumi.

We curate a business gifting marketplace of mission-led consumer brands, especially those from under-represented founders. Our customers are entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes who have gifts they need to give and values they’d like to consider in their purchasing decisions.

We’re trusted by brands like Meta (Facebook, Instagram etc.), Cocoon, and Legacy to fulfill their gifting needs.

As one of our brand partners, you’ll get access to an exclusive community of fellow entrepreneurs, teams, and companies who want to vote with their dollars.

Join the Lumi Community and Grow Your Business.

When your brand is featured on Lumi, your products are shared with gift buyers and recipients who believe in the importance of supporting brands that are founded with a mission in mind. They care about sustainably and ethically made products and want to make purchases that support their social values.

Businesses prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and overall employee well-being more than ever before. Lumi helps them align their business gifting dollars with those priorities by making it easy and efficient to shop for gifts from brands like yours through our automated curation system.

Your voice deserves to be heard.

As a female and minority-founded start-up, we understand how hard it is to communicate your message effectively and reach new audiences.

We believe in the power of storytelling in creating authentic and fun engagement with the target audience.

We spotlight brands and founders through storytelling across all our channels, such as newsletters, blogs, and gift recommendations. 

Join like-minded brands.

We support brands that challenge the status quo and are powered by great social missions. Our main value pillars are Sustainability, Empowerment, Health & Wellness, and Community.

Get supported by a passionate team.

We are a passionate team that comes from tech, eCommerce, and retail. We’ve helped lead Klaviyo, Chanel, Dior, Reebok, Puma, and Studs, and together, we want to help founders like you and move the consumer product world toward a more equitable one.

Brand Partner FAQs

Q: How long will it take to get my products featured on your website and across your marketing channels?

A: From the time of application to going live on the site is typically around two weeks. Once your application is accepted, the speed at which you’re featured primarily depends on how long it takes to get your onboarding form submitted.

Q: What happens when a customer places an order through Lumi?

A: All orders placed in Lumi will be automatically forwarded to your back-end Shopify Admin under Orders. There’s no manual work here. You can easily filter Orders down to the ones forwarded by Lumi. Once you mark an Order as Fulfilled, that’s synced over to Lumi.

Q: What do I do after I receive an order from Lumi?

A: Treat it as any other order you receive; there are no changes or additional steps here. Customer information like name and mailing address are in the order details; when you fulfill and ship out an order, both the customer and Lumi are notified.

Q: How will I know which orders came from Lumi?

A: Our contact information and store name, Lumi, will show up in Notes, Customer, and Contact Information

*Please note that you will not see the applicable shipping charges to come through as part of the order that was pushed automatically – the gift recipients don’t pay us, and therefore there are no shipping charges. However, we calculate the applicable shipping charges retroactively and add them to the payout to you.

Q: When and how do I get paid?

A: By the 30th of every month, we remit payment to you via PayPal for orders fulfilled in the last calendar month. This payment includes both the product and applicable shipping fees. Lumi takes a standard 20% commission for each retail transaction. We’ll send you a detailed report line by line. For bulk wholesale orders (you set the parameters for the number of units), we remit our commission and simply pay you the wholesale price.


Q: Do you do any joint promotional marketing?

A: Yes! We’ll coordinate on a marketing plan to announce our partnership; we’ll dedicate posts on our social media channels, emails to the mailing list, etc. to help tell your brand story. In return, we’d also ask you to announce our partnership to your social channels and mailing list.

Q: Do you have access to any of my sensitive information through this backend integration?

A: We don’t have access to any of your sales, orders, and customer information; for inventory, you can choose to assign stock to a separate “location” in your Shopify backend so we don’t know your inventory information either. We have access to your product name, price, images & description so that we can display them on the website.

Q: How do I get started with syncing product information with Lumi?

A: Once your application is approved and we invite you to onboard with us, you’ll download a simple and secure app on the back end of your shop to connect with ours.

Have more questions? Please feel free to send us an email at