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Enhanced Employee Recognition that's
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At Lumi, we understand that every employee is unique, so we help you follow a personalized approach to recognition and rewards. Using our platform, you empower employees to choose the rewards that mean the most to them, making recognition more meaningful and effective.

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Disengagement is Bad for Business:


of employees are not engaged at work.

of disengaged employees are looking for new jobs.

is the average employee replacement cost.

Make employee appreciation strategic with Lumi.

Engaged Employees

Have Choices

Employees select the type of recognition they value, taking the guess work out of appreciation.

Feel Valued

Manager recognition and employee feedback are built into the Lumi experience.

Are Happier

Happier employees are more productive and stay with their company longer.

A Healthier Bottom Line

By enabling a culture of recognition and engagement, companies reap the benefits of a healthier bottom line.

Lower Churn

Employees who feel appreciated are 23.4% more likely to stay with their current employer.

Higher Productivity

Engaged employees are 20% more productive than their disenaged counterparts.

Money Saved

Lumi’s workflow integration and fulfillment efficiencies save its customers time and money.

Choose how you’d like to gift, and we’ll take care of the rest.

One Platform For All Your Employee Recognition Needs

Enabling all your employee engagement initiatives.

Personalized Acknowledgement

50% of employees who have received a gift from Lumi share that messages of thanks matter just as much, if not more, than a gift. We help managers deliver meaningful recognition messages.

Recognition Gifts

The diversity of gifting options managers can send and employees can choose ensures a positive gifting experience for all.

Employee Engagement Reporting

Employee feedback and patterns in manager recognition inform your ongoing engagement strategy.

Gifts Employees Feel Good About

Recognize employees with sustainable and ethically made gifts by small makers and craftspeople.